Fender jazz bass headstock template

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25 Images Of Fender Jazz Bass Headstock Template Printable Clipart

fender jazz bass headstock template

History of the Fender Jazz Bass - CME Vintage Bass Guitar Demo

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Telecaster Guitar Forum. Dec 20, 1. Age: 38 Posts: Anyone have a scale headstock template? I think that pretty much sums it up.

The bass is going to be a hybrid between a Jazz Bass body with a style Precision Bass neck and headstock not dissimilar to a Telecaster headstock shape. The body we bought on eBay was not exactly perfect and needs a few areas corrected, particularly the neck pocket rout. You can see the gap here. To correct this I first made a template of the current neck pocket shape using a cutter with a bottom bearing. It was attached to the body with double sided tape, making sure the it aligned correctly with the neck pickup and control plate. The neck will be getting a Danish Oil finish. I am desperate for a Head profile of the 51 Fender P Bass.

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Post a Comment. Sorry guys, it's been a long, long time since I posted any updates on any builds to this little bloggerino. Unfortunately I've been terribly busy with work, and am finding less and less time to either build which is utterly fucking depressing or even to write about it. Anyway I'm hoping to address this situation in the coming weeks - with several builds close to completion, I would really like to share the results with you all. Anyway, today's post concerns the Jazz Bass build which recently changed it's colour to Surf Green and got a few coats of acrylic clear. It's looking pretty good I dare say, and while the clear coats cure, I have finally found some time to shape the headstock and sand the neck smooth. The standard Fender Jazz Bass headstock template.

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fender bass headstock template 3d models


Dec 18, Recently bought a 4 string DIY jazz bass replica kit, my ultimate aim is there are plentiful headstock plans and templates around, I've failed to to the fender design, I know there have been many adaptations over the years.
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  1. Nov 28, Anyway, today's post concerns the Jazz Bass build which recently changed it's colour to The standard Fender Jazz Bass headstock template.

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