Rainbow six siege jackal

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R6 Y4S2.3 patch applies Jackal and Echo nerfs for better or worse

rainbow six siege jackal

Ryad "Jackal" Ramirez Al-Hassar is an Attacking Operator featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, introduced in the Operation Velvet Shell expansion .


The PDW-9 is Jackal's most overpowered gun. Well, when you put on a vertical, acog, compensator, and laser that's what I find useful because it will literally turn your gun into a headshot machine. So it's easy to see why the Dev's would make the PDW the gun of choice for the skin. I love this skin like it was my own child. He looks like a god in that gold uniform. What I dont understand is the choice of which weapon gets the skin.

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Tracking where they have been is one important part of the puzzle of knowing where the enemy currently is. Reconnaissance is the key to using Jackal effectively and in our Rainbow Six: Siege guide hub, we go further into how the intel gathered when using Jackal can be used well. There are however some things to know about how his ability works, what the colours mean, and who can counter it. While the shotgun is destructive on walls, the selection of guns on offer to Jackal players does include two pretty good automatic weapons that are useful depending on the circumstances. The shotgun is as good for punching holes in walls, but has a shorter range than the long-barrelled version. There is a lot to know about this particular ability.

Grace here, back for another guide! This time, I will be doing our famous foot fetish Hunter, Jackal. I hope you enjoy reading the contents and also hope that it improves your gameplay of him! So without further ado, let's get right in the first parts. Jackal's full name is Ryad Ramirez Al-Hassar. Born on February 29th , and having the height of 1.

The addition of the system had some unintended consequences—mainly, players never getting to play their favorite operators. Two extremely popular bans in and out of Pro League are Jackal and Echo. Jackal is a popular ban because of his ability to flush out roamers and lurkers with his Eyenox headgear. Ubisoft recognized the high ban-rates and rolled out soft nerfs for both operators. Echo is still extremely powerful and Jackal still causes a good deal of discomfort while roaming.

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Jackal Operator Guide

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Now, you will too. Operators join Team Rainbow to protect civilians vacationing on the "Coastline," our new free map set in Ibiza, Spain. Influenced by the tragic Munich Summer Olympics, the G. The G. He underwent extensive survival courses, tactical desert navigation programs, and specialized combat diving courses to gain this edge.

Ryad Ramirez "Jackal" Al-Hassar is an attacking operator featured in the Operation Velvet Shell expansion for Rainbow Six Siege.
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