Florence creativity autunno 2017

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The Beginning of Fall in Florence

florence creativity autunno 2017

FLORENCE CREATIVITY AUTUNNO - I visitatori, grandi e piccini. By Florence Creativity Fatto a mano in Italia Updated about 2 years ago Taken at.

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I know about mixing iron oxides with water, I know about glazing and how to use traditional squirrel fur brushes and a million historical tidbits. All this and more I learned from my friend Enzo. Not only can he recite history, technique, artists and locations over the span of 5 centuries, he also paints, draws and teaches. I stumbled across Enzo four years ago when I was looking for something different to do in Florence, and my artistic life was set ablaze. Brightly colored designs, hanging on the walls or out on display, plates, cups, dishes and more, they are sold almost everywhere.

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What to do in Florence in October

Florence Creativity Autunno 2016

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