Isola di man 2017

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Isle of Man

isola di man 2017

Event in Douglas, Isle Of Man by Mototouring Srl on Thursday, August 24

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The Briton, on his Suzuki GSX-R number 4 team Tyco Suzuki , started well into second place at the end of the first lap which he retained until the end by completing the 6 laps of the race with a time of ' 06, and turning at an average speed of about mph. After being fastest in free practice, Johnson left for the four rounds of competition foreseen as one of the Favorites. Has been constant throughout the race and they could offer even more if I wanted to push more. Smiths Triumph and Metzeler gave me a fantastic package. Unfortunately in the RL Superstock held the day after Johnson failed to replicate due to an accident that put him out of action for the second Supersport race that was run Wednesday 4 June. All postponed, due to bad weather, for the Superstock, scheduled this afternoon: will take place on Thursday,.

Her work focuses on family and youth from a feminine perspective. Evolving through long-term documentary projects shot on medium and large format film, her photographic practice enables a more intimate and contemplative approach. I discovered the Isle of Procida thanks to its teenagers. Inspired by Arturo, the boy-hero by the name of a star who leads, all alone, a wild and magical life in Italy in the late 30s, my project follows a group of teens to tell this delicate and tumultuous period of their lives. I am interested to observe and understand how they go through adolescence on such a small island, of only 4 square kilometers, where they no doubt grow up freer than they would in a city, but perhaps more protected and subjected to fewer stimuli. I like entering their lives, being accepted almost as their equal, getting to know their favorite spots with them. Their roots are deep, sometimes they dream of faraway places, but always with the idea of ultimately returning to stay.

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The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II , who holds the title of Lord of Mann and is represented by a lieutenant governor. Defence is the responsibility of the United Kingdom. The island has been inhabited since before BC.


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