Temptation island 2017 ruben e francesca

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temptation island 2017 ruben e francesca

Temptation Island 2017 - Ruben: il secondo falo

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Did you notice how figures in Caspar David Friedrich turn their back on us? I place myself, for instance, in front of Frau vor untergehender Sonne [Woman before the Rising Sun] and, immediately, I am caught repeating the action I am witnessing. Like one of those scenes of unconscious mimicking that evidence a lack of independence and critical distancing, I feel, in consequence, ridiculous. It is so obvious that I participate in this repetition that I get to think the joke is on me. Therefore, I move out, I step aside. We move out and perceive that this is also the dazzling scenario or, to put it more precisely, the blinding scenario of the backlit. In that scenario of maximum splendor, we are ultimately exposed to the overwhelming sum of the full luminous spectrum, a powerful threat casted upon our eyes.

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Giuseppe Cassano. Katia Fanelli. Facce da Britney Spears. Adri Adri. Gippo Sauro Di Lato.

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La quarta edizione di Temptation Island ha ufficialmente chiuso i battenti. La ragione di una simile uscita? Sara balla, fuma sigarette, socializza con gli altri membri del villaggio. Ma non finisce qui. Non fosse altro che per la dose di affetto trasudante. Contento lui.


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