Fiera del cioccolato torino 2017

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fiera del cioccolato torino 2017

A Turin chocolate festival for chocolate lovers taking place in Turin in Nov. Chocolate & cakes in Turin – compliments of Turismo Torino post was written, Turin's Chocolate Festival was put on hold in but returned in November


Today Longarone Fiere Dolomiti is a functioning meeting point for commercial interchanges between Dolomites area and north-east Italy. In this region it is one of the most useful tool for promotion and economic cooperation, also with Austria and Germany. The companies participation at fairs is increasingly constant and numerous, in particular in gelato parlour sector, handcraft and forest management. Longarone Fiere is the Dolomiti Exhibition Centre whose proposal includes furnitures, agriculture, forestry sector, tourist activities, leisure, sport, agri-food, art and building. IVA: Made by Larin. Puoi cambiare queste impostazioni in qualsiasi momento. Info and services Contacts.

12 Ottobre. Chocoday. World CioccolaTO. Torino. 16 – 19 Febbraio. Eurochocolate @ BIT FieraMilano Chocolage: L'era del Cioccolato.
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Even earlier, in Medieval times, the battle was fought with beans. Nowadays the battle still takes place in the main squares of the city between teams on carts symbolizing the feudal lord's guards and hundreds of orange-throwers on foot the rebellious commoners. The Orange Battle is one of the historical events of the Carnival at Ivrea. Not the sum of two events, but an innovative trade-fair project, a precise answer to the international evolution of reference markets requiring greater concentration and aggregating appointments. Companies will have a comprehensive and packed audience of operators: from the world of hospitality to that of catering, from the world of entertainment premises to foodservice, from hospitality designers and public eating and drinking premises to distributors, with specific initiatives and proposals for each target. Goes beyond the recipe itself and pays attention to production, environmental health - being it the planet or our bodies — from social respect to a deep understanding of our history. January , Sigep: 38th Int'l Exhibition for the Artisan production of Gelato, Pastry, Confectionery and Bakery Rimini, Italy The world's most important expo in the artisan gelato sector and a showcase for Italian confectionery.

I love chocolate! I used to have Nutella for breakfast or for an afternoon snack, chocolate treats after meals and more treats on Sunday afternoons: gianduiotti, cremini hazelnut flavored layered pralines , arancini candied orange peel covered in dark chocolate , all kinds of truffles, chocolate bars, Easter chocolate eggs, Baci kisses and, of course, plenty of hot chocolate with whipped cream. I have traveled the world and loved chocolate treats in every country I have been: Russian chocolates, Belgian pralines, Swiss chocolate bars, Austrian Mozarts, Dutch pastilles, American chocolates and chocolate cupcakes! I love them all. However, the taste and the quality with regards to both ingredients and processing of Piedmont made chocolate remain, in my opinion, unique. Cacao, the main ingredient in a good chocolate product, is packed with healthy nutrients.

Turin Chocolate Festival

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Find Places to Stay in Torino on Airbnb

Find Vacation Rentals near Torino on Airbnb. Discover entire homes and private rooms perfect for any trip. Vacation Rentals in Torino. Homes near Torino. Places to stay near Torino.

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