Deejay time tour 2017

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deejay time tour 2017

Deejay Time. 15K likes. Ascolta il Deejay Time su Radio Deejay o in streaming web tutti i Venerdi dalle 22 alle 24 (e in replica il Sabato a Mezzanotte).


WhatsApp Support. Logic's 'Blues for you' is a stone cold underground classic. This is it. The real thing. Wayne Gardiner is a definite unsung hero of dance music, the majority of his productions leaving dancers and DJ's salivating and dancing non-stop. Across 4 different mixes Gardiner shows up the deadly art of simplicity, making all of the versions contained within essentials. Absolutely banging from start to finish.

Every weekend of every month in every year, we roll up to club doors in our millions to sample the finest dance music that the world's selectors have to offer. The sets are getting longer kind of , the artists are pulling off tricks and sorcery behind the decks with more prowess than ever before and new faces are joining the pioneers to supply some of the best sets we've heard all year. Crowning our DJs of the year has always been a tricky one. The amount of gigs an artist has had in 12 months is usually a good indicator of popularity but then sometimes it doesn't matter how many times you've been booked, if you've got something special that allows you to stand out from the crowd, we want to shout about it. This year we welcome back some dancefloor favourites alongside some outstanding burgeoning talent. If you haven't seen this lot play this year, then we're sorry to say you've been missing out.

He was voted World No. Sasha began his career playing acid house dance music in the late s. He partnered with John Digweed in , touring internationally and producing a series of mix albums compilations of other artists' work played in a continuous fashion. Sasha's remixing and production often combine electronic music genres, making it difficult for critics to pinpoint his musical style. His use of live audio engineering equipment helped popularise technological innovations among DJs who formerly relied on records and turntables.

Sat 23 March Hotel Darwin. Fri 22 March Melaleuca. Fri 8 March Private event. May 23, Perth, WA, Australia. April Cambodia Tour. Live on Sat 14 October Seoul, South Korea.

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