Dat hd 75 boss tech

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dat hd 75 boss tech

Once the resounding success of BOSS Tech had been corroborated, And so the DAT HD 75 BOSS was born, the first intelligent antenna.

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Availability: In stock. Email to a Friend. Its new design with TForce technology, makes this smart device even more versatile. Televes antenna has a gain of 47 dB, which allows to have a very good signal in our receiver. This antenna is also able to withstand variations of signal or fading "fadding" without affecting the TV installation. Info1Info2 privacy policy. Professional Registration.

Televes TDT-UHF DAT HD Boss 75LR LTE 149740 Televes Antenna

Televes Antenna DAT-75 LTE HD BOSS

With three directors the original design sends more signal toward the receiving elements and helps filter out LTE signals. By filtering out LTE signals, you have the best chance of picking up all the channels you want, interference-free. It is easily mounted to a mast using a hybrid adjustable clamp system that puts the aerial slightly off centre on a mast so it can be mounted slightly lower. This reduces stress on the mast and makes the aerial less likely to rotate in high winds. The intelligent BossTech electrical device automatically adjust the level of the received signal to an optimum value. This means if the incoming level is low the device raises the level at its output or if the incoming level is too high it will decrease the level at its output. Therefore, there is no need to worry about input level after installation as the aerial guarantees the best output level.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Santiago de Compostela, 25th November Once the resounding success of BOSS Tech had been corroborated, marking a milestone in the transition to DTT thanks to its ability to ensure the automatic adjustment of the digital signal, Televes decided to implement its long-range antenna. The technology is revolutionary thanks to its ability to automatically regulate the intensity of the signal received through the antenna, making the output level always the same regardless of input fluctuations.

Take a look at my items. Designed to receive digital terrestrial Tv DTT signal Its use is indicated in cases of particularly difficult reception weak signals, very noisy, there is interference, Totally enclosed die-cast connection box with F connector. Antenna designed to receive digital terrestrial TV DTT signal; Advanced construction technology for electric and mechanical characteristics. Three rods with 8 directors for each axis makes these antennas are very broadband guidelines and at the same time. In this way, the frequency response is not optimized only for the highest UHF channels, but is distributed evenly over all the bandwidth.





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