Huawei p10 lite andrea galeazzi

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Recensione HUAWEI P10 lite

huawei p10 lite andrea galeazzi

RECENSIONE Huawei p8 lite 2017


The Lite series have always been known to be more budget friendly; yet in the face of its lower costs, it is well-built with noteworthy features. At first sight, the build of the P10 Lite does not depart significantly from its P10 sibling. It retains a thin and slim profile at 7. Both the front and rear panels are coated with 2. It is further enhanced with 7H hardness rating to prevent scratches and damages. This affords the P10 Lite with more durability. Another cosmetic feature on this phone is the shiny film on its rear glass which gives a rippling wave effect which changes with lighting conditions.

Andrea Galeazzi, un grande appassionato di tecnologia. Nella mia cantina un sacco di smartphone: mi piace provarli, testarli e grandi prove per voi. Nel mio sito, oltre alle recensioni troverete impressioni su food e motori, altre mie due grandi passioni. Leverage browser caching for the following cacheable resources:. Minify HTML for the following resources to reduce their size by 1.

Ma oggi parliamo di Honor 9 lite. Solito azzurro Tiffany per la confezione. Solita dotazione con caricabatterie rapido 10w, 1h45m per la carica da zero cavo micro usb e non nella mia scatola di test cuffie auricolari stereo. Molto bello. Bello il vetro dietro a specchio, bella la leggerezza, belli i colori sopratutto il blu Insomma touch and feel positivo!

I'm glad Huawei has reduced screen size here, as it makes it easier to hold and the all metal body really does look and feel like a premium handset. Of course, that alone hardly exhausts the list of requirements you bring to the store when you're ready to part with that much cash. Unfortunately, it's impossible for us to recommend the Mate S, and that's actually kind of frustrating — it has the bearing of a competent top-shelfer, but falters in way too many categories to pull off the needed performance. Software, in particular, along with system performance, definitely leave more than a little to be desired, and areas such as the camera and battery life are only kind of close — but not all the way there. The display, too, could use some work, though at least you can tweak the white balance to better the image.

Finalmente si lavora nella direzione giusta. Design molto bello. Ce ne sono mille!!! In confezione mancano le cuffie! La parte posteriore evidenzia molto meno la riga nera verticale opaca a contrasto con quella lucida. Tutta la vita azzurro.

Indubbiamente ben funzionante questo smartphone Android che va a sostituire il P9 lite, uno dei telefoni che ho preferito nel Funzionalmente si, anche se parte con un prezzo troppo alto. Solita dotazione in confezione. Il posteriore si arricchisce del vetro, bombato, che troviamo anche frontalmente. Un passo avanti rispetto il P9 lite. Tasti standard con il sensore di impronte digitali non cliccabile posto dietro rispetto al P10 NON lite che lo ha portato davanti. Zigrinato il tasto accensione, si trova facilmente.

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Huawei homepage. Huawei P10 Lite Average Score: This time, however, in addition to the capabilities, the company has paid attention to the elegant appearance achieved with the help of the glass back and pleasantly curved edges. The display is 5. Additionally, the battery offers reasonable durability, although in some of our tests the results were lower than those of P9 Lite. On the other hand, its charging is fast and for 10 minutes in the plug, you can get around 2 hours of video playback. This has a capacity of mAh.




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  1. Indubbiamente ben funzionante questo smartphone Android che va a sostituire il P9 lite, uno dei telefoni che ho preferito nel

  2. Ora ci vuole un bel confronto tra medi Honor/Huawei per capire quale . Honor View 10 Lite Smartphone, Nero, GB Memoria, 4GB RAM.

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