Dogo argentino vs puma video

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dogo argentino vs puma video

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Loading player Share on Facebook. This video is about cougar baiting in Argentina. Cougars also known as pumas and mountain lions are a large felid of the subfamily Feline native to the Americas. In argentina the cruel sport of cougar baiting is on a rise. Although the government is trying their best to put a stop to it but the blood sport hasn't come to an end yet.

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Dogo Argentino kills Puma to save two young girls-Must Watch!!! Dogo argentinos are one of the best and strongest guard dog breeds. In f, its miles the best recognized dog breed in life today that originates from this South American country. Antonio Norse Martinez with the assist of his brother Agustin. The brothers have been both canine lovers and also avid hunters. Martinez wanted a canine that was a notable hunter fierce and constant with wonderful stamina and staying power while additionally being a wonderful circle of relatives puppy and father or mother.

Dogo Argentino "Morocho" saves 2 girls from Puma attack. Dogo Argentino - Dogo argentinos at their best. Although the video is cut at the end, I think The Dogo Argentina was exactly bred to become a supper guard dog that can help to protect the cattle and farm from the attacking of ferocious predators. This is It's origins are Cougar: "bring him in here!!

Pitbull vs Dogo argentino fight

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