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Clouds of Sils Maria

clouds of sils maria wiki

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O n an autumn morning in the centre of the Swiss Alps, when the temperature and humidity are just right, hillwalkers might catch a glimpse of the Maloja Snake. We spend most of Clouds of Sils Maria, the complex, bewitching and fearlessly intelligent new film from Olivier Assayas, waiting for a glimpse of this cloud-creature, and though Assayas makes us wait for it, the skies start greying over early. As the film opens, we see Maria Enders Juliette Binoche is a respected actress travelling by train to Sils Maria, to collect an award on behalf of a friend, a reclusive, Ingmar Bergman-like playwright. By her side is Valentine Kristen Stewart , Maria's smart and devoted personal assistant, who coolly wafts away a swarm of mobile phone calls while her boss composes herself in a private compartment. Maria owes this playwright everything. He wrote the play that made her a star in her early Twenties, in which she took the role of Sigrid, a young temptress who seduces then abandons Helena, her older employer.

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From the mainstream perspective, two words: Kristen Stewart. In the contemporary movie business, the transaction works both ways: big young star stretches creative muscles by signing on to challenging, filmmaker-driven projects; challenging, filmmaker-driven projects get their financing because a young star who wants to stretch his or her creative muscles has signed on to it. The setup for the picture seems to promise a story of rivalry among artists: the movie begins on a train; world-renowned actress Maria Binoche is on her way to visit her artistic mentor Wilhelm Melchior, and deliver a speech at a ceremony honoring the reclusive theater master. This loss changes the dynamic of the event. Artistic creation begins in the first person singular, but then turns plural, and not everyone who gets on board makes it all the way to the end of the trip.

The film is a French-German-Swiss co-production. The film follows an established middle-aged actress Binoche who is cast as the older lover in a romantic lesbian drama opposite an upstart young starlet Moretz. She is overcome with personal insecurities and professional jealousies—all while sexual tension simmers between her and her personal assistant Stewart. The screenplay was written with Binoche in mind and incorporates elements from her life into the plot. The film received positive reviews, with critics lauding the work as psychologically complex and praising the lead actresses' performances. Maria Enders Juliette Binoche is an international film star and stage actress. She travels with a loyal young American assistant, Valentine Kristen Stewart.

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