Cusago in fiore 2017

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Residence Eden Domaso

cusago in fiore 2017

Event by Architettura Botanica on Saturday, April 8

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Name 'rambutan' originates from Malaysian word 'rambut' which means 'hair', due to numerous hair-like spikes on the surface of the fruit. They look good on our balcony or a little bigger for those who have more space. Also for the garden. Between April and May we can get this very special flowering. I also go the advice if you don't know how to fill an avenue. This plant develops very quickly, so why not use it?

White wines with a strong personality are made at Tenuta Serra dei Fiori, proposed with a label that symbolises the shared views of the owners — positive views, which merge to form a flower — on the theme of gaming, with the suit and value of playing cards. Il Fiore is the meeting of an international grape, Chardonnay, with a highly original native variety, Nascetta. This vineyard is positioned m above sea level and enjoys southerly exposure. A plant density of vines per hectare, renewed shoots, permanent natural cover crop, minimal organic fertilisation. In the Cellar The whole grapes are tipped into the press and undergo soft pressing.

Cusago in fiore 2017

Una splendida location. Panta Rei: ristorante e pizzeria senza glutine con certificazione rilasciata da AIC.

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Avoid this bistrot if you are coming alone. Tonight they don't propose me a table to dinner it was empty when i arrived and they said that all the table are already booked. I don't trust the manager. So pity!! Fiore is a nice Restaurant in hte middle of the posch district of via Savona.

Residence Eden is settled 17 km away from Menaggio. Guests will find Domaso city center within a minute walk from the property. The hotel comprises 7 functional guestrooms. Residence Eden offers rooms with the the garden view. For more comfort a shower, free toiletries and towels are provided. On-site children facilities feature cots and a play area. Guests will take advantage of windsurfing, canoeing and cycling available for an active pastime.

Round, savory and fresh. Perfect for young and medium bodied white wines which don't require excessive oxygenation to open. The opening slightly tight than the body of the glass favors the concentration of aromas towards the nose, enhancing the perception of aromas and limiting the dispersion. When to drink. Wine good to drink now, but that can have a beautiful evolution after resting for a while in your cellar.



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