Concerti enzo avitabile 2017

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Enzo Avitabile

concerti enzo avitabile 2017

Enzo Avitabile (Official). likes talking about this. Benvenut* sull' unica pagina Facebook ufficiale di Enzo Avitabile (Staff di Enzo.

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Udine, Spilimbergo, Villa Manin, Tolmezzo, Udine, but also Capodistria and Slovenia have welcomed, like every year, the itinerant caravan of Folkest , a multicolored festival with very different artists who told us ancient legends and common stories, sagas of heroes and stories of simple people that belong to everyone and are part of the cultural pride of the people, even though often they are the same stories but just declined in different languages. Gods, demigods, unleavened bread and black bread. We went to the discovery of a mestizo Europe, not from now, but since always, by its vocation, with strong roots in the Mediterranean basin, with a focus on the city of Naples and its complex cultural, multi-ethnic network, Neapolitan for vocation and uniqueness of musical inspiration. The world of the Anglo-Saxon song was not missing with the principles and inventors of the British folk-rock Fairport Convention , awarded with the Folkest Career Prize, and the voice of Genesis , Ray Wilson , as well as the space for the new frontiers of folk-metal, with the Folkstone from Lombardy and, as usual, for the great Italian songwriting, with Ron. There was no lack of sounds and melodies of Celtic tradition and inspiration, a section that is never missing at the festival, as well as the border music, from the manouche to the Balkan, to the klezmer, to the blues.

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Enzo Avitabile born 1 March is an Italian saxophonist and singer-songwriter. He plays a fusion of World music and Jazz fusion music, rooted in Neapolitan traditions and characteristic dialect. Born in Naples , Italy , Avitabile started playing saxophone as an autodidact as ten years old.
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Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Bob Dylan. George Benson. Joe Cocker. Elton John. Backstreet Boys. Branford Marsalis.

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I'm looking for this sound of sopranino saxophone It looks to me like a vintage Selmer. Possibly a Mark vi, maybe earlier.

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