Meteo funghi porcini 2017

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Mushrooms and truffles fairs Autumn 2016

meteo funghi porcini 2017

Porcini 2018 le fungate inaspettate

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The season changes and along with it the smells and flavors at the table change, heralding the arrival of autumn. Products that grow in the underbrush pop up, such as mushrooms and truffles, which in the kitchen can be used to make tasty recipes while in the areas where they grow they will become the subject of many fairs and festivals , which in turn become happy meeting places for enthusiasts, professionals or those who just love to eat good food. Along with the traditional market exhibition of mushrooms in the streets and squares of the town, there will also be food stands and music. Fifteen pairs of expert mushroom gatherers from as many towns near Piacenza will face off in the original Mushroom Gatherer Palio, now in its 2 0 th edition. The biggest mushroom or the best looking mushroom composition wins.

Three days to celebrate the perfumed product of the Parma Apennines. A unique fair revolving for 3 days around the mouthwatering Porcino mushroom, bringing to Albareto foodies from all over Italy. Good food but also music and fun, stands selling mushrooms of all kinds and shapes and special menus for visitors in local restaurants. The Fair, twinned since with the International Fair of Alba White truffle, hosts many producers from the Langhe land wines, cheese, truffles and cold cuts. Event timetable: see program.

Sagra del Suino Nero e del Fungo Porcino dei Nebrodi ! (Y).
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