Mas alla gloria estefan

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Gloria Estefan - Mas Alla Lyrics

mas alla gloria estefan

"Mas Alla" (en: Beyond) is a song by Gloria Estefan, released as the second single from her second Spanish album Abriendo Puertas.


Toggle navigation SimilarLyrics. Interested in Cryptocurrency? Visit best CoinMarketCap alternative. Real time updates, cryptocurrency price prediction This song is a ballad with a bolero rhythmic taste combined by the congas, bongos, maracas, and the acoustic guitar with nylon strings. Mas Alla Beyond expresses how when you do the right things in your life; when you give whthout asking for something in return, when you really care, when you forgive, when you work hard for your ideals you then begin to discover your true self by begining to build a better tommorrow, Beyond the pain ,the tears and the hate there shines the light of love within each heart.

Lyrics to 'Mas Alla' by Gloria Estefan. Cuando das sin esperar Cuando quieres de verdad Cuando Brindas perdon En lugar de rencor Hay paz en tu corazon.
rolling in the deep traduzione

Post a Comment. Wiki Video. The production remains as polished and detailed as ever, with gorgeous flamenco guitar runs and swaying Afro-Cuban percussion; but the melody refers to no Latin tradition, instead rising and falling in the safe, predictable, even cozy patterns of inspirational pabulum. It does not surprise me to learn, when I check Wikipedia, that she sang this for the Pope. I and my immediate circle have been present for people singing things to the Pope on a number of different occasions, and this fits right in, banal Chicken Soup for the Soul -level platitudes married to a melody strenuously wiped free of all secular interest. You can't dance to it, you can't fall in love to it, you can't weep to it, you can't get pumped to it, you can't even — and this is where it fails as an inspirational song as well as a pop song — feel any great interest in changing the world to it. As an anthem for such effort, however, this kind of thing is too heavenly minded to be any earthly good.

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Find any song lyrics translated into English, Spanish, French and other languages! Song meanings, Translation of lyrics., The song has a religious background, and like several other songs on Abriendo Puertas , makes reference to Christmas. This theme is underscored by a church bell ringing throughout the song.

Mas Alla. Gloria Estefan

Awesome translation. Thank you. I would make two suggestions: Change "illusion" means "something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality" to "hope". Spell "lavishly" without an e. Thank you for coming by and for your suggestions. Thank you and Feliz Navidad!! My grandfather took his own life five weeks ago.






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