Yu gi oh arc v episode 90

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yu gi oh arc v episode 90

Yugioh Arc V episode 90 preview

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Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Arc-V Episode 90 Dis Anime Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Arc-V Episode 90 Discussion. I wasn't really looking forward to this but I guess it was something to be expected.

Sign in. Watch now. Title: The Beacon of Revolution 24 Jan Yuya shows up to help Reira when they are confronted by Barrett. Tsukikage helps everyone in the underground facility fight back against the Obelisk Force, inspiring Shinji to continue his revolution. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video.

This episode was quite chaotic. Very little progression has been made as it had been shifting back and forth between two on-going events, the riot in the underground prison facility and Yuuya struggling against Barrette. Shun being a total badass by channeling his inner Yusei and soloing the guards simply by literally kicking their ass. The minute Shun heard about Academia invading, there was no stopping him. In the mean time, thanks to the riot which Shun had started, Shinji and his comrades made themselves took a hold of the opportunity to try and take over the facility. But Yuzu has other plans. The minute she saw the opportunity, she took the initiative to try and figure her way out, but not with much luck though since she was mostly wandering around.

The Beacon of Revolution

ARC-V anime., Arc-V is the fourth spin-off anime in the Yu-Gi-Oh!

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As Reira's strength begins to wane protecting Selena from Obelisk Force, Yuya arrives and helps him defeat them. Selena explains why she is incapacitated as more Obelisk Force soldiers arrive, accompanied by Barrett. Barrett declares he's there for Selena, and the duel between them begins. Barrett takes the first turn and summons "Beastborg Panther Predator," using its effect to immediately deal damage to Yuya's Life Points. In the underground labor facility, Crow arrives talking about Obelisk Force's arrival the Kurosaki, Sawatari, and Gongenzaka.


Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Episode 91 - Yuri appears

but, but I wanted to see what his wicked super cool ultra gorgeous deck could do. DARN IT DUEL CHASER NOW WE WILL NEVER SEE HIS PIMP DECK!.
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