Soy luna 2 temporada

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soy luna 2 temporada

Soy Luna 2 - Vuelo (Final de Temporada)


Studying for exams was never hard for Matteo Balsano. But this…. He leaned his back on his bed frame with a tired sigh, running his hand through the messy curls that lied on top of his head. Bringing his eyes up from the paper, he looked around himself and smiled. He shared the apartment with Gaston since they both needed to get away from their families, they were best buds and their colleges were only 30 mins apart so it worked perfectly.

The second season of the musical drama television series Soy Luna premiered on Disney .. "Soy Luna 2: ?Mira el trailer de la segunda temporada! <3 [VIDEO]".
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This means that you can find the files for episodes 10 — 60 linked below, you can follow the Netflix Tutorial on how to convert and translate them. But in the mean time thank-you, and remember,. Ambar and Rey have a conversation about the truth and Ambar receives a mysterious call. Ambar and Simon share an intense conversation and Matteo makes an announcement. Benicio goes forward with trying out for the Red Sharks.

Audiences Beginning February CT , beginning Tuesday, February The series tells the story of Luna, who suddenly has to move to Argentina with her family. She seeks solace on the skating rink and discovers a new universe on wheels. During this stage of her life, her passion for skating, music and dance will be rekindled, and along the way, she will find new friends, love, and her true identity. On social media, it has also caught the attention of young people around the word, apart from doing so through consumer products and other proposals, such as a mobile app. Centro a partir del martes, 20 de febrero.

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