Canto sesto del paradiso

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Canto sesto del Paradiso di Dante, vv. 64-142

canto sesto del paradiso

Canto VI (Paradiso)

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Justinian's response to Dante's first inquiry allows the poet to present his version of the biography of the emperor who codified Roman law. Justinian is best known for his legislation. He appointed a commission of jurists to draw up a complete body of law, which resulted in the compilation of two great works; one, called Digesta or Pandectae , in fifty books, contained all that was valuable in the works of preceding jurists; the other, called codex constitutionum , consisted of a collection of the imperial constitutions. To these two works was subsequently added an elementary treatise in four books, under the title of Institutiones ; and at a later period Justinian published various new constitutions, to which he gave the name of Novellae constitutiones The sixth canto in each cantica , as has often been appreciated, is devoted to an increasingly wide political focus: first to Florentine politics, then to Italian politics, and now to Dante's theologically charged imperial politics.

The heaven of the sun is the celestial home of the wise men. Chapter 9 of The Undivine Comedy undertakes an analysis of the heaven of the sun from a narratological perspective. The heaven of the sun is vast. It extends over almost 5 canti: Paradiso 10, 11, 12, 13, and almost two-thirds of Paradiso Compare the minimal treatment of the deliberately anticlimactic heaven of Venus, which takes up only Paradiso 8 and 9. Outside of the shadow of the earth, the point of whose cone reaches only to the heaven of Venus Paradiso 9.

Paradiso Canto VI.
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Canto undicesimo del Paradiso di Dante, vv. Prima parte del canto undicesimo del Paradiso, vv. Introduzione alla terza cantica e primi 33 versi del Paradiso. Introduzione al Paradiso e inizio della lettura del primo canto, vv. Lettura e commento dei versi del Quindicesimo canto del Paradiso di Dante. Primo canto del Paradiso dal verso 82 fino alla fine.

Parafrasi del sesto canto del Paradiso, vv. 1-75


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  2. Questo e il canto in particolare della giustizia di Dante; sia Giustiniano come In questo canto, Dante condanna sia i Guelfi che i Ghibellini perche ognuno.

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