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itazura na kiss sub ita

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A girl with average looks and poor grades sees a boy on the first day of high school and falls head-over-heels in love with him. Kotoko Honoka Miki admires Naoki Yuki Furukawa , the most handsome and smartest boy in school, from afar for three years. But fate throws them together under one household when her family home is struck by a falling meteor and destroyed. Despite living under one roof, can Kotoko possibly get Naoki to think of her as more than just a nuisance? Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! Channel Manager.

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Extravagant Challenge Skip Beat! Nine: Nine Times Time Travel 20 episodi. Take Care of the Young Lady 16 episodi. Sword and Flower 20 episodi in pausa. Itazura na Kiss 2 Love in Tokyo 16 episodi. Kill Me, Heal Me 20 episodi. The Girl Who Sees Smell 16 episodi in corso.

Sign in. Michael McKean reflects on his first Emmy nomination for " Better Call Saul " as well as his iconic roles over the years. Watch now. Title: Mischievous Kiss . About Erika who claims that popular boy, Sata is her boyfriend. She has no choice but to make him her fake boyfriend. Unfortunately,he may look like a sweet person, but he is actually an ultra sadist and treat her like a slave.

Mischievous Kiss: Love in TOKYO

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