Camera di commercio italiana per la svizzera

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camera di commercio italiana per la svizzera



This century, which can also be defined as the century of logistics, has its main point of excellence represented by the ports, cradle to most technological evolution and also business organization, especially in relation to intermodal vectors. The development of the container traffic has now become the driver that gives impetus to the entire maritime transport chain. Only the high level of port efficiency allows to reduce to 5 days what in the past would have taken 20 days, to unload and load a large mega container vessel: a difference that becomes decisive compared to the 20 days it takes to cover the distance between Shanghai and Genoa. It is obvious, that the dimensional leap in traffic volumes, a consequence of new port technologies, that allow the use of mega ships, represents the true transport revolution of this century of logistics. The existing Italian port facilities and future projects known to us, are not able to meet this challenge. In fact, a port to be able to regularly serve the mega ships must have a capacity of 8 10 million TEU: which requires at least hectares of port space plus 3, adjacent logistical hectares as well as an adequate transport capacity, i. In the Mediterranean, only Northern Italy would justify the construction of a final destination port for Mega ships, because the Po Valley is the only market that today already moves 8.

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Camere di Commercio Italiane all'Estero


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