Hyouka you can t escape

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Hyouka (novel)

hyouka you can t escape

Looking for information on the anime Hyouka? Find out more Synonyms: Hyou- ka, Hyouka: You can't escape, Hyou-ka: You can't escape, Hyoka. Japanese.

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Five additional volumes have been published between and A episode anime adaptation produced by Kyoto Animation and directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto aired from April 22 to September 16, The story is set in Kamiyama City, a fictional city in Gifu Prefecture that the author based on his real hometown of Takayama , also in Gifu.
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Sign in. A high school boy Hotaro Oreki has no energy, and always wants to be efficient in his life. His sister Tomoe offered him to join the classic lit club that faced the prospect of disbandment due to no Hotaro is torn between continuing with his "gray" life and the "rosy" life that the others live. A phone call from Hotaro's sister leads him to believe that there are pieces missing to his theory Japanese people have a custom that girls confess their own love to the boys with a chocolate on Valentine's Day. Mayaka has prepared a chocolate for Satoshi with the help of Eru, but it was stolen

Originally, the title of the volume is rendered in Roman characters i. The subtitle of the volume is later changed to The niece of time , a reference to the detective novel The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey , along with the title rendered in kanji characters from its 28th edition, released on March 31, , onwards. After the release of the anime series, the original series alternatively becomes referred to as the Hyouka series because of the coverage of the anime, spanning four of the five volumes of the series currently released. Houtarou , who is seemingly unmoved by anything, under the orders of his sister joins his school's Classic Literature Club, whose fellow member 's uncle is affected by events that happened thirty years ago. The energy-saving boy and the ever-curious girl unfold a youthful mystery. A classroom that unexpectedly becomes a locked room. A book that is borrowed every week without fail.


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Hyouka - Episode 15 - [VOSTFR] (1/2)




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