Serie tv medical drama

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Ranking TVs Best Medical Dramas

serie tv medical drama

This is a list of medical science fiction television programs. Contents. 1 Africa. Egypt . Bulgaria[edit]. Stolen Life (TV series) (present).

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When it comes to popular TV show formats, nothing beats shows about doctors. And it's obvious why. The medical profession lends itself to drama. Doctors deal with heart-pounding life-and-death situations every day of the week. It feels more realistic, too: while it's somewhat ridiculous for an ongoing detective show to revolve around murder after murder every week although some do , people are always being rushed to hospital. Illness and death are something we're all scared of but watching them happen in the comfort of our home on our TV screen, well, that allows us to deal with them in a way that doesn't affect us personally.

Since the immense success of the drama "ER" over two decades ago, there has been no shortage of medical shows on TV. These series' dramas range from drama to comedy and everything in between and they've featured famous and rising actors like George Clooney, Ellen Pompeo, and Zach Braff. Epatha Merkerson. Critical reviews for the show generally range from favorable to mixed. Among fans "Chicago Med" has largely retained its place in the ratings and premiered its most recent season to 7. In his review for Roger Ebert , critic Brian Tallerico praised the show for its quick pacing and escapist feel.

Red alert, folks: a world record has just been broken! While ER used to hold the title of the longest-running primetime medical drama in American television history, the classic series has finally, officially been unseated. Grey's Anatomy just aired its 15th episode of Season 15, with episodes on the air, making it the newest, longest-running medical drama ever. All hail Shonda Rhimes and her unstoppable TV empire! But aside from Grey's Anatomy and ER , there have been so many other incredible medical dramas and "dramedies" to grace our TV's over the years. In honor of Grey's Anatomy 's newest achievement, we've rounded up TV Time's Top 20 most watched medical dramas from users around the world over the past year.

Sign in. In my opinion, from best to worst. I'm from Spain, so some spanish medical dramas are included. TV 44 min Drama, Mystery. An antisocial maverick doctor who specializes in diagnostic medicine does whatever it takes to solve puzzling cases that come his way using his crack team of doctors and his wits. Votes: ,

How To Tell All Of TV's Many Medical Dramas Apart

The 20 best medical drama series.

Just like cops and lawyers, doctors have been prescribing entertainment for years. The medical drama is a staple of TV. Viewers have been tuning in for heart-stopping emergencies almost as long as there has been television. In fact, the following crop of medical dramas might be one of the strongest ever. Here's 10 medical dramas under the knife right now. Day time viewers have been checking in since when the show began and are still watching today.

12 of the best medical TV shows, ranked

Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows. If there's one thing that you're going to see on network television, it's people talking quickly and passionately in hospitals. Many of them are in scrubs. Even Netflix has gotten in on the genre. Amid all the sexy hookups television proves there is nothing sexier than a germ-filled hospital populated with exhausted professionals hello foremother Grey's Anatomy and fervent speeches about morality, viewers are left juggling a lot of similar-sounding shows.

The very best medical drama shows on television , ranked from best to worst. Popular medical drama TV shows have been a staple of television for years, so there's often debate about what the most entertaining medical drama show of all time is. Don't let your favorite medical drama television programs in history get to the bottom of the list - be sure to vote them up so they have the chance to reach the top spot. The list of medical drama television shows below includes information like the program's cast, creator, and premiere date, and even pictures, when available. What are the greatest medical dramas? It's time to vote! Who doesn't love doctor shows and hospital shows?


What is the best medical drama show of all time? What are the greatest medical drama shows? Take a look at the many top-rated series on this list of doctor TV.
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