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Opening Reception: Colori tra Cielo e Terra

paolo barlera san francisco

Italian Heritage Parade 2016 San Francisco North Beach (148th Annual)

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Each year, in the third week of October, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs selects a theme for this initiative and promotes a series of events through its diplomatic and cultural network, under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic. The theme chosen for this year's edition is "Italian at the Movies, Italian in the Movies," a tribute to the role that cinema, through the narrative connected to the history of Italy, played both in the evolution of the language and in the development of society. Italian language and culture courses are increasingly numerous in the United States. Every year students of all ages and backgrounds choose to learn Italian at various institutions, including Italian Cultural Institutes, Universities and High Schools. In addition to representing the language of tradition and heritage for many Italian-Americans, Italian is today an extraordinary vehicle for promoting Italy, the Italian lifestyle and the image of a country that is not only synonymous with beauty, but also of innovation and modernity. Drawing on the newly published, updated version of his book, Mr. The Week will wrap up with an epilogue devoted to Luigi Pirandello, on the occasion of the th anniversary of his birth.

One of the questions I have most frequently been asked since being appointed to the Italian Cultural Institute is: What kind of commitment does Italy adopt in promoting its culture abroad and how difficult is this task in a world that is more and more multicultural? Skip to main content. Our culture among tradition and globalization Paolo Barlera Nov 16, Fifty-something years ago the Italian Cultural Institutes were conceived as centers to support the Italian communities in a foreign countries. Gradually the perspective has shifted, our mission has become a more ambitious one -- to address and capture as wide an audience as possible. At the same time, it may be interesting to note that we Italians are among the masters of multiculturalism.

Marco Marinucci of Mind the Bridge introducing the meeting. Alberto Onetti of Mind the Bridge offering a piece of advice to startuppers. Lucia Purpura-Pontoniere of the Red Shoes providing musical entertainment. Flavia Purpura-Pontoniere of the Red Shoes providing musical entertainment. The New Dive.

Photo: Catherine Accardi. Opening exhibit at the Italian Cultural Institute, October 28, Skip to main content. This is an extraordinary time for this region. The tech boom under way brings with it great cultural dynamism across the board. The Italians here are part of this miracle.

As a young girl, growing up in Salerno , Amelia Antonucci used to spend almost every night at the movies. Eventually she would establish herself in the City by the Bay. What an incredible feeling! Pushed by the desire to try something new, she decided to She realized that a lot of attention in San Francisco was being given to contemporary cinema, while great classic Italian cinema was slowly disappearing from the big theaters.

Happenchance: dispatches from the Italian Front. Alfonso Carrara at the IIC of San Francisco

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Our culture among tradition and globalization

Bombed Church Somewhere in-between Naples and Milan, to '44 circa. It was In the heat of the Great War. Barely in his twenties, Alfonso Carrara, a son of Italian immigrants from Lucca, had just moved to California from Chicago where he had studied at the renowned Chicago Institute of Design. Caught by purist fervor and adhering to the most stringent interpretation of Modernism Carrara, disappointed with his professors and his peers, had abandoned the Institute to intern with modernist architect Richard Neutra in Los Angeles. But barely the time to settle his suitcases down in California that he was drafted into the army to serve overseas.




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  1. Istituto Italiano Cultura SF Director Paolo Barlera, Cinema Italia San Francisco Program Director Amelia Antonucci, Italian Consul General Lorenzo Ortona.

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