American cars are crap

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Why are American cars so badly designed?

american cars are crap

The others make junk and obviously the petrol cartel has a gun pointed at their heads. Ford, GM, and Chrysler cars are a rare sight where I live.

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Contact us at editors time. A wooden horse head was attached to the front of the chuffing buggy in order to make it resemble a horse and carriage Smith recommended the horse head be hollow to contain volatile fuel — another great idea. Here comes trouble. The Model T — whose mass production technique was the work of engineer William C. And by the way, with its blacksmithed body panels and crude instruments, the Model T was a piece of junk, the Yugo of its day.

In List Articles. When people think of the worst car ever, they often imagine something like a Pontiac Aztek, which while a little odd looking, was actually a solid vehicle. Overinflated pricing had more to do with its demise than its looks, performance, or functionality. We all know that Vegas began to rust the moment they were loaded on the carriers for delivery to Chevrolet dealers. And we also know that the Vega featured one of the most backwards engine designs that you have to wonder if the engineers working on the block ever spoke to the engineers working on the head. Problems included piston scuffing due to the use of a linerless aluminum block which has since been perfected , rushed paint jobs, and selective rustproofing that left significant areas prone to corrosion, among others.

3 Cars That Epitomise Crappy American Car Stereotypes

Asked by Luke Feb 16, at PM. - Actually, shitbox is a bit harsh. Crapcan might be better.

10 Worst Cars Ever Made (And 10 Of The Most Unfairly Judged)

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