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Armed Forces

elvis costello armed forces

Armed Forces is Elvis Costello's third album, his second with the Attractions, and the first to officially credit the Attractions on the cover. It was released in the UK.

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Release Date: Tracklist. Album Rating: 4. The album starts off strongly and finishes in like fashion but I agree that the middle tracks, while good, don't quite match up to the high standard. Either way nothing beats early Costello. This Message Edited On

What a difference an ocean makes. In the U. Released 40 years ago, on January 5, , the LP also marked the first time the band enjoyed co-billing with its leader. The performance is undeniably powerful—and conspicuously out of place in the sonic landscape and thematic context of the Costello album. But Columbia Records, his U.

It was his second album with the Attractions , and the first to officially credit the Attractions on the cover. The album had the working title Emotional Fascism. Armed Forces has appeared on various "greatest albums" lists in both Q magazine and Rolling Stone magazine. After 's punk-inspired This Year's Model , Costello moved in a direction more influenced by new wave music. Costello described this change, "At the time, it seemed as if we were making an impossibly sophisticated leap from the sound of This Year's Model , but listening now there are very few production devices that sit between the listener and the songs. The confidence and cohesion of The Attractions' playing is the product of 12 months of intense touring.

On Jan. But if this set of songs sprung from a period of relative consistency in terms of personnel, they also found Costello moving forward in musical terms, tempering the aggressive overtones of his early work with a fuller, more pop-friendly sound. Rather than concessions, the record's sweet arrangements function as necessary correctives to the caustic vinegar of the lyrics -- a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. The album's first single, "Oliver's Army," is a perfect case in point, with an infectiously ebullient arrangement that, in just about any other artist's hands, would have served as a delivery mechanism for two minutes and 58 seconds of lines about love and heartbreak. Costello's lyrics are far darker, however: Inspired by a recent trip to Northern Ireland, he penned a cheerfully bitter screed against imperialism and governments' propensity to use young working-class men as cannon fodder for their conflicts. That production stood in contrast to the increasingly catch-as-catch-can approach that Costello was forced to take with his songwriting. In some cases, that was just what they became.

It could be said that Elvis Costello had the distinct pleasure of living out the ultimate dream of every sharp-witted, incurably bitter young bastard with hopes of achieving stardom. In only two and a half years, he was propelled from an awkward, computer-programming teenager with a Jazzmaster and ugly glasses to the prototype for chic geekdom. Virtually overnight, he established himself as among the most articulate songwriters rock music has ever seen, infusing punk with the literacy it had always strived for but rarely achieved. With superstar status and a reputation for pushing the envelope, Costello was able to crystallize the thematic threads of political and personal devastation that ran through his first two records into the concept of "emotional fascism," the original title for Armed Forces. Though Armed Forces is in many ways the most conceptually aggressive and confrontational of Costello's first three records, it doesn't carry with it the same immediacy of his first two releases, 's My Aim Is True and 's This Year's Model , on which he came as a man with something to prove. There's something intensely subversive about My Aim Is True with its undercurrents of anger and frustration providing a foundation for his synthesis of pop melody, country twang, and punk energy.

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A supremely melodic and hook-laden record, the set is a showcase of scintillating keyboard lines, sharp guitar work, and the most cohesive arrangements of Costello and the Attractions' career. While less musically intense than the preceding This Year's Model, Armed Forces doesn't let up in the lyric department. Costello's narratives are loaded with paranoia, irony, bitterness, and scathing humor.

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After releasing and touring the intense This Year's Model , Elvis Costello quickly returned to the studio with the Attractions to record his third album, Armed Forces. In contrast to the stripped-down pop and rock of his first two albums, Armed Forces boasted a detailed and textured pop production, but it was hardly lavish. However, the more spacious arrangements -- complete with ringing pianos, echoing reverb, layered guitars, and harmonies -- accent Costello 's melodies, making the record more accessible than his first two albums. Perversely, while the sound of Costello 's music was becoming more open and welcoming, his songs became more insular and paranoid, even though he cloaked his emotions well. Many of the songs on Armed Forces use politics as a metaphor for personal relationships, particularly fascism, which explains its working title, Emotional Fascism. Occasionally, the lyrics are forced, but the music never is -- the album demonstrates the depth of Costello 's compositional talents and how he can move from the hook-laden pop of "Accidents Will Happen" to the paranoid "Goon Squad" with ease. Some of the songs, like the light reggae of "Two Little Hitlers" and the impassioned "Party Girl," build on his strengths, while others like the layered "Oliver's Army" take Costello into new territories.


Product Description. Under the influence of Krautrock and ABBA, Costello crafted this new wave masterpiece including such classics as Oliver's Army and.
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  1. Armed Forces is the third studio album by British musician Elvis Costello, released in the UK by Radar Records and in the US by Columbia in It was his.

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